Kiwi House Carers

House Carers

Former Kiwi one pair available, home and pet care! We had a wonder of housesitting (he housesits 5) in Great Britain and Ireland in 2005 kiwi house carers looking for animals and birds such as Guinea pig, a parrot, ferret, sheep, chickens, geese, pigs, miniature Dexter matured, but can be more. 65 + years old, available from April 3, 2015 female retired case manager * free: sitting home is generally free, babysitters and the owners, although this depends on the population. In General, certain expenses for the nanny or the homeowner is there electricity g. e., phone use are covered, veterinarian, etc, these costs are treated must be agreed before the start of the session. House sitters pay a single annual fee, while home owners pay nothing to advertise your home or baby sitter, .